Design Process

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Stage 1. Contact us to discuss your project

  • Let's find out how we can best help you and if we're a good fit!

Stage 2. Meet at your home, or complete a virtual walk through of your property

  • Here we will get a better sense of the space we'll be working with, discuss your goals for it, and get to know you a bit better. We will talk about everything from your current lifestyle, to it's intended use, and potential investment.
  • Consult fee for this stage of $100 (reimbursed if 3D design purchased)

Landscape Design 3D Rendering of front yard with driveway, front path and mountains

Stage 3. Create your initial 3D Landscape Concept

  • Meet and present a video walk through of your new landscape
  • Discuss different aspects of design: materials used, feature plantings, overall layout, etc.
  • Listen to your feedback and discuss any changes to be made
  • Design fee for this stage varies due to project size, but average design costs range between $1800-$2500 for a full property, and $1200-$1500 for a front or back yard only. These prices include a design revision, and we will confirm these costs at our meeting in stage 2.

Stage 4. Revise your initial 3D Landscape Concept

  • This is often a necessary step in our design process because it is much easier to discuss aspects of the design while reviewing it in Stage 3.
  • We will incorporate your valued feedback from the previous meeting and revise the drawing as needed.
  • You will receive all renderings of your proposed landscape.

Scaled 2D Landscape Construction Drawing with measurements and photos

Stage 5. (Optional) Create Scaled 2D Construction Drawing

  • Create 2D Drawing for yourself, your home builder, or the landscape construction company you'll be using.
  • This scaled design will have detailed notes and pictures of the design ideas, materials, and feature plantings associated with your 3D Design created in Stages 1 through 4.
  • Design fee for this stage varies due to size of project, but average costs range between $650-$1000, depending on how much detail is requested.
  • Note: If 2D Construction Drawing is requested first without 3D Landscape Concept, average costs range between $1800-$2500 for a full property.

Project management

Your design is complete and you imagine yourself in your new back yard... Now what?!

We understand that finding the right landscape company or managing different trades for the installation of your project can be a stressful experience. Exteriorize can help manage that entire process from start to finish and offer a variety of services in the management of the project. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Working directly with your home builder/renovator during the construction of your home, so the landscape blends seamlessly with your home design.

  • Obtain quotes from landscape contractors in your specific area, and provide our professional opinion on things to consider when choosing who to go with. In some instances, we may already have recommendations on specific contractors that match the same level of quality and customer service that we provide here at Exteriorize.

  • On-Site consultations during the project to ensure it's being installed the way the design was intended, and built to last. Catching those details early in the process can prevent unnecessary headaches later on.

Construction supervisor pointing to a male construction worker's drawing in an office