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Trent Brown

About Trent

Trent's had strong ties to the interior of BC ever since he was a young kid. Growing up, it was the family camping trips every summer to the Provincial Park in Scotch Creek, the countless hockey tournaments in Kamloops, the cousins to visit in Kelowna, and the fishing trips to Lac des Roches that all contributed to his love of the area. Now keep in mind he has only caught one fish in his entire life, and he attributes that not to him being terrible at fishing, but rather that while out on the boat he was always too busy taking in the beautiful surroundings - - getting inspired for his next landscape design. So don't listen to what his friends and family will tell you, because he's not terrible at fishing...

He's always been very drawn to the water though, so BC's interior lakes are a particularly happy place for him. Most of his summer trips are still up to the Shuswap, where his immediate family lives, and to the Okanagan, where wine is... Both important, but not equally. (You can decide which is more vital). He considers himself extremely lucky to spend so much time creating experiences with friends and family in such a beautiful place, and that is exactly what he loves most about landscape design - the ability to create experiences for others. This is what motivated him to start Exteriorize Design and help others reimagine their lifestyles at home and create those lasting memories, all in a part of the province he loves so much.

Trent also works in Vancouver for a well-established landscape design and installation firm, and has been with them for the past decade. He started in the landscape industry behind a shovel, learning the ins and outs of the construction side of the business, before deciding to go to school for Landscape Design. He completed his Horticulture schooling at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the Landscape Design Program, while continuing to work his way up to Foreman on the installation side. Once finished his schooling, he transferred over to designing for the firm full-time, and has been their Lead Designer for the past 6 years. The Lower Mainland has given him the experience of working on so many different types of landscape projects, and with such a diverse planting environment. He's grateful for the knowledge he has gained in the past 10 years, and continues to further his education by taking part-time schooling in Design through Thompson Rivers University. He finds creative outlets in many areas of life, often playing guitar, singing, or painting in his spare time, with a high curiosity for all aspects of design - not just landscape. He's driven by discovering and practicing new and innovative design principles, but feels the most valuable thing he has learned in his time as a designer is his ability to communicate effectively with others. Without being able to ask the right questions, really listen to the answers, and incorporate that into his designs, he wouldn't be able to design something specific to each person. And once that design is complete, he needs to be able to communicate it in a way that everyone involved in the process understands and is confident to move forward with. This is how homeowners and contractors have come to appreciate the process in which Trent creates his designs. He hears the "horror stories" of construction and renovation, the stress it causes, and strives to be different. He feels the whole process should be fun and exciting from the very beginning to the very end, and that starts with clear communication.

Trent truly believes in creating environments where people feel comfortable to be themselves, and that philosophy extends well past his personal life and into his design work. He doesn't just want to design something nice to look at from inside the house or from the street. He wants to create an experience for people - to be up close and personal with their landscape, and to feel "at home" when they're in it. He aims to do this while keeping the natural surroundings and future in mind. After all, these projects should be designed and built to last, and if he's learned anything about landscapes during his trips to the Okanagan, it's that gardens are like wine - they should get better with age.

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